The Guide to Buying a Good Blues Harmonica

Do you appreciate single key melodies? If you do, then you must get yourself the blues harmonica. It is also known as the Richter-tuned harmonica or the diatonic harmonica.

There are a number of ideas behind the term “Blues Harmonica”.

Good blues harmonica

Firstly, one of the reasons is that this harmonica plays songs from the blues genre. Secondly, is that the name “blues harmonica” comes from the fact that its playing style accommodates bending and cross harp. You could achieve this key by playing the fourth key that is below the harmonica key. What is a good blues harmonica? When searching for what blues harmonica to buy, make sure that it has a three-octave range that comes from its ten holes that give off nineteen notes. You can get diatonic harmonicas in all the keys.